Das Projekt "Icetel - Improving Continuing Education and Training through eLearning" war ein, im Rahmen der E-Learning-Initiative der EU gefördertes Forschungsprojekt, das in Zusammenarbeit von WissenschaftlerInnen von neun europäischen Universitäten und Forschungseinrichtungen in den Jahren 2002 bis 2004 durchgeführt wurde.

Zentrales Ergebnis des Projektes sind die "Guidelines for eLearning in University Continuing Education" die über einen exteren Link verfügbar sind.


Aus dem Endbericht:

The overall objective of the project ICETEL - "Improving Continuing Education and Training through eLearning" was to improve managers', teachers' and trainers' capabilities to apply eLearning in University Continuing Education (UCE) by exchanging expertise and experiences from best practice in the field of eLearning and to enable and qualify universities to introduce and apply eLearning in the most effective way. In order to achieve this aim, the best approaches to eLearning based on the experience and know-how of the project partners were identified and collected, new emerging eLearning technologies were captured and developed further.

Another intention of the ICETEL project was to initiate a permanent provision of experiences and expertise and thus, create a multiplying effect of acquiring and sharing knowledge and expertise among professionals in eLearning via a virtual network.

The results of the project were collected in a thematic online guide on applying eLearning in UCE which also is the main product of the project. The central part are the "Guidelines for eLearning in University Continuing Education" covering the most important issues in all areas relevant for using eLearning. It also includes a list of "case studies" on best practice of eLearning in UCE and references to reading, relevant contacts and links.

A limited edition of offline versions (CD-ROM, print) is also provided.